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M 33 (Whirlpool/Triangulum Galaxy) – Astro Dolomites

M 33 (Whirlpool/Triangulum Galaxy)

The triangulum galaxy was a first try with some longer post-processing. Particularily I had some issues with gradients wich complicated my life severely 😛

Sky Location, courtesy of Astrometry.net

Sky Location, courtesy of Astrometry.net

Object details
Center (RA): 01h 33m 51.302s
Center (Dec): +30° 39' 04.014"
Apparent size: 36.5 x 36.5 arcmin
Pixel scale: 0.54 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: Up is -100 degrees E of N
M 33 Whirlpool galaxy

M 33 Whirlpool galaxy

Image data
Target M 33
Date 17 August 2014
Images LRGB – each channel 5x 5 minutes
Optics Cassegrain f/9 20" @3550mm
Mount: ASA DDM85XL
Filters: Luminance; Red; Green; Blue from Baader
Software: ASA Autoslew (beta) for automatic image capture
Processing: with Pixinsight and a first shot with GradientXTerminator