NGC 6992 (Veil Nebula)

After a longer wait for good weather I was finally able to do a decent stack of very few images of the Veil nebula. Among the images we had the first 10 minute-long subexposures!

Sky Location

Sky Location, courtesy of

[table caption=”Object details”]
Center (RA):, 20h 56m 22.617s
Center (Dec):, +31° 42′ 49.464″
Apparent size:, 36.5 x 36.5 arcmin
Pixel scale:, 0.54 arcsec/pixel
Orientation:, Up is 79.8 degrees E of N

NGC 6992, July 2014

NGC 6992, July 2014

[table caption=”Image data”]
Target, NGC 6992
Date, 18 July and 2 August 2014
Images, HaLRGB – each channel 2x 10 minutes and 3x 5 minutes
Optics, Cassegrain f/9 20″ @3550mm
Mount:, ASA DDM85XL
Filters:, Luminance; Red; Green; Blue and Ha (7nm) from Baader
Software:, ASA Autoslew (beta) for automatic image capture
Processing:, with Pixinsight