Veil Nebula mosaic (3-panel)

This is a mosaic of three panels of the Veil nebula, done in summer 2014. It was a really though job, considering the bad weather we had. ANyway, each panel has a total of about 8 exposures for each LRGB channel, each of 10 minutes time. (so 16 hours of data).
I had not enough Ha7 data to add it to the mosaic, but maybe it will be added sometime.
Processing was really a trial and error thing. With Pixinsight, I planned to compose every channel and then combine it, but it didn’t work well. At the end, I finished every single panel in LRGB and combined it in Photoshop, which was a breeze (but might get complicated with larger mosaics). the GradientMergeMosaic tool pf Pixinsight made too many artefacts with this data to be really useful, sadly.

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Center (RA): 20h 56m 32.842s
Center (Dec): +31° 21′ 48.008″
Apparent size: 36.5 x 36.5 arcmin
Pixel scale: 0.54 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: Up is -100 degrees E of N
Veil Mosaic, 3 Panel

Veil Mosaic, 3 Panel

Target Veil Nebula
Date 15th July to 29th August 2014
Images LRGB – each channel 8x 10 minutes – 3 panels
Optics Cassegrain f/9 20″ @3550mm
Mount: ASA DDM85XL
Filters: Luminance; Red; Green; Blue from Baader
Software: ASA Autoslew (beta) for automatic image capture
Processing: with Pixinsight and Photoshop for mosaic combination