Sky Gems Observatory Network

We are now a proud member of the Sky Gems Observatory network. Basically this means that anybody has now a chance to use our scopes at very interesting rates through the net.

What is Sky Gems Network?

We started with one observatory operating in Namibia. With time, we added one in Northern Italy and another one in Spain. We are three very engaged amateur astronomers running these observatory for our own use. However, we decided that it is time to allow everybody to use our equipment.

We are talking about very serious equipment under some of the best skies of the world. Imagine sitting at home in the warmth, while controlling a scope located several thousand kilometers away – this is what we are doing on a regular basis, and what you can do now, too!

Our scopes and locations

Southern Sky Gems Namibia

Sky Gems Spain

Sky Gems Dolomites



Astro-Physics AP1200

Astrosysteme Austria DDM85XL

Astrosysteme Austria DDM85XL


Officina Stellare RiDK 305

14.5” Newton (Alluna Optics Mirror) f3.8 with ASA Wynne corrector

20” Cassegrain with ASA 0.73 corrector


SBIG STF-8300M with ST-I Autoguider

FLI MicroLine 8300M with Autoguider

FLI Proline 16803


Astrodon parfocal Gen II filters (LRGB and 5nm narrowband Ha, OIII, SII)

Baader parfocal filter set (LRGB and 7nm narrowband Ha, OIII, SII)

Baader parfocal filter set (LRGB and 7nm narrowband Ha, OIII, SII)

Effective imaging data

FOV: 25.20′ x 18.97′
Resolution: 0.45"/pixel
Focal length: 2450mm
Focal ratio: f/8.0

FOV: 46.42′ x 34.95′
Resolution: 0.84"/pixel
Focal length: 1330mm
Focal ratio: f/3.6

FOV: 35.70′ x 35.70′
Resolution: 0.52"/pixel
Focal length: 3550mm
Focal ratio: f/7.1

Control options

Manual and CCD Autopilot

Manual and CCD Autopilot

Manual and Sequencer (Autopilot)

The benefits

Our observatories, being in several different locations and accessing both the northern and southern skies, offer basically year-round good observing conditions. Most of the times at least one of our systems has good weather for a night worth of data. In addition we have access to the southern skies as well as the northern ones.
Another very important fact is that we run these observatories from our own commitment, so that we are not really aiming to get rich by renting them – we actually would like to cover our costs (like the maintenance from time to time, exchange of faulty parts and so on). So one big benefit are our rates. COmpare us to our main competitors: What you pay there for less than one hour of data, with us you get a full night of data!

Comparison to other offers

Go to iTelescope and look at their hourly rates. Then back to us:

  iTelescope SkyGems
Hourly Rate between 60 € and 200 €, depending on scope (usually not bookable)
Nightly rate (full night) from 600 € upwards (if available) 70 €
Locations three three
Used Mounts AP, Bisque ASA, AP
Availability of time Depending on the choosen scope, might not be enough Full nights get assigned on first clear night

How to book?

Write us at

Alternatively, use the express Paypal checkout

Preferred observatory
Preferred date

What then?

Once booked you should prepare your targets in a list, together with the exposure times, number of exposures, and filters and send it to us. We will take care of the acquisition of the images.

You can also send us the targets as an ACP Plan or a n RTML request