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Veil Nebula mosaic (3-panel)

This is a mosaic of three panels of the Veil nebula, done in summer 2014. It was a really though job, considering the bad weather we had. ANyway, each panel has a total of about 8 exposures for each LRGB channel, each of 10 minutes time. (so 16 hours of data). I had not enough …

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First try at a mosaic: Veil Nebula

A first test to make a mosaic in Pixinsight. Not too bad, being this a 2-panel mosaic of Luminance images – made up of just a few exposures. [table caption=”Image data”] Target, NGC 6992 (mosaic) Date, 18 July; 2 and 15 August 2014 Images, Luminance; two panels Optics, Cassegrain f/9 20″ @3550mm Mount:, ASA DDM85XL …

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