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Rent a telescope

Our telescope is also available for rental over the web, so everyone can use it to image his desired targets. As we are right now using ASA’s software (which includes a scheduling system), we can basically set up a night’s worth of imaging time and the system works alone, including targeting, focusing and “guiding” (not really needed with our mount).

So, waiting to switch to a more internet-capable solution (like ACP Scheduler), you can send us your imaging request as a simple email. Please include the following data in your request:

  • Your name
  • Coordinates of object (either RA /DEC or common name)
  • Requested imaging time (please specify which filters you want to use, together with the exposure times)
  • Optional items like dithering

Send this request to me by mail at An example could be like:

Observer: Max Mueller
Coordinates: M 31
Imaging: 10x L 300sec; 10x R 300sec 2x2;10x G 300sec 2x2; 10x B 300sec 2x2
Dithering: true

[important]It is a good idea to use a planetarium program (like TheSky, StarryNight, Stellarium or Cartes du Ciel) to plan such a request. In that case please use the coordinates of our observatory:

Latitude:  46°33’38.02″N
Longitude:  11°43’44.83″E
Altitude: 1490m[/important]

The data of our current imaging train is as follows:

  • Focal lenght: 3285mm
  • Diameter: 500mm
  • CCD size: 4096×4096 pixel, each 9miu big (FLI Proline 16803)
  • Available Filters: Luminance, Red, Green, Blue, Ha7, OIII, S2

[notice]We will give away the first 10 imaging hours for free (one hour per user maximum). So hurry and take your chance :)[/notice]

The regular hourly rate of the system would be, for now, EUR 35,- per hour.

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