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The new Telescope

In autumn 2012 we decided it was time for a new telescope. After some thinking we had our requirements:

  • biggest possible aperture, still manageable by our mount (ASA DDM85)
  • should be possible to do both widefield and planetary imaging without big hassles
  • visual observing should be possible (for observing evenings and such)
  • Balancing of the tube shall be fast and easy

After a longer search and comparison of different producers, we decided to go with a custom-made tube from APM Telescopes. Here are the basic data

  • 50cm main mirror (Ottiche Zen)
  • Newton focus (f/3) with ASA OK3z-focuser and Wynne corrector (x0.95) for 50mm imaging circle
  • Cassegrain focus, with Starlight focuser (4″), to be used with a f/9 or f/20 secondary mirror
  • Secondary can be easily changed with a clip system
  • Correctors for Newton (x0.95) and Cassegrain (x1-flattener and x0.72)
  • Balancing-system
  • Motorized main mirror covers
  • Tube made of carbon fiber, with main mirror fans

As usually it takes some time to get such a project done, here is a listing of the status:

Mirror,Arrived in april 2013
Tube,Construction done in November 2013
Startest,first tentative in january 2014
Shipping, 29th december 2013
Mounting, 29th december 2013
Collimation, underway
First Light,not yet
[/table]As of 10th january 2014